🖱 My Cursor Cave 🖱

This is my little cursor cave, where all the cursors that I have made myself go! Some of these were made specifically with tumblr themes in mind, but they are all simple png files so they should theoretically work with any website! These are completely free to use for your website, tumblr theme, or even your very own computer's cursor! In the event you do want to use these as your computer's local cursor, you will have to download the .cur version of these cursors as the .png versions will look weird on your computer! The .cur versions can be found at my google drive.

Some of these cursors are organised by fandom/topic, others are just a bit more miscellaneous. I will add more cursors to this page if or when I decide to make new ones!

Simple tutorial for how to add these to your own website: Add the code below into your .css file...

body {
cursor: url('cursor.png'), auto;

(Basically make sure the code is in the body area) and then viola! Your website now has a custom cursor ♥ If you want to have the cursor change to a different cursor when you hover over a link, you can do this by copying the following code below.

a:hover {
cursor:url('cursor.png'), auto;

If you have any problems with your cursors not working just make sure to scream into the void as loud as you possibly can so that the html and css demons will hear your plea for mercy ♥ Alright enough fooling around, here are the cursors already!

Pride cursors

rainbow pride flag progress pride flag pink stripe rainbow flag philidelphia rainbow flag lesbian pride flag gay man pride flag bisexual pride flag transgender pride flag non-binary pride flag pansexual pride flag
asexual pride flag aromantic pride flag demiromantic pride flag demisexual pride flag intersex pride flag genderqueer pride flag genderfluid pride flag agender pride flag polyamorous pride flag polysexual pride flag

World of Warcraft cursors

gorehowl ashbringer frostmourne blade of azzinoth greatsword of the ebon blade dark alliance symbol alliance symbol pink alliance symbol dark horde symbol horde symbol pink horde symbol garrosh's face sparkley garrosh face pink garrosh face sparkley pink garrosh face

DC cursors

bat-symbol yellow bat-symbol pink bat-symbol superman symbol dark superman symbol pink superman symbol black and white superman symbol wonder woman symbol the flash symbol green lantern symbol robin symbol nightwing symbol deathstroke helmet joker's face batman's face tiny batman tiny superman

Transformers: Prime cursors

autobot symbol decepticon symbol optimus's face megatron's face, with red eyes megatron's face, with purple eyes ratchet's face, with blue eyes ratchet's face, with green eyes

Flight Rising cursors

arcane flight symbol earth flight symbol fire flight symbol ice flight symbol light flight symbol lightning flight symbol nature flight symbol plague flight symbol shadow flight symbol water flight symbol wind flight symbol

Clone Trooper cursors

shiny phase 1 helmet shiny phase 2 helmet captain rex phase 2 helmet tup helmet dogma helmet arc trooper fives phase 2 helmet arc trooper echo phase 2 helmet hardcase phase 2 helmet kix phase 2 helmet jesse phase 2 helmet arc trooper jesse phase 2 helmet

Miscellaneous cursors

elite dangerous explorer symbol 3 pink hearts lit lantern 4 lit candles watermelon slice apple australian magpie ravenraven with red outline human skull wolf skull t-rex skull triceratops skull